Getting Used to Happiness

Getting Used to Happiness

When you’re happy, you naturally see yourself having what you want.

Happiness is being your true self and being proud of or at least happy about it, no matter who it is you feel happy being. As long as the main reason for being and expressing your true self is love, you won’t see any reason not to. 

Love can be stifled when others tell you to not be yourself but only if you allow it. Love cannot burn out unless you put it out yourself. When you’re happy just being yourself, you are experiencing and feeling love. You are living it.

You can be happy seeing yourself in your current or desired reality as long as you don’t sink into bad mood when remembering your current reality post visualization, for example. Being grateful for what you can in your current will you bring your desired reality about.

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Specific Wording and Manifesting Relationships – Use YOUR Words to Create Positive Manifestations!

Specific Wording and Manifesting Relationships – Use YOUR Words to Create Positive Manifestations!

Let’s talk about manifesting relationships because I have always found that the correct internal verbal expression of those relationships (which is different for every single individual) leads to positive thoughts and visualization which lead to belief.

Do you prefer to tell yourself that your desired relationship belongs to you already or internally state that it is going to manifest soon?

Which specific wording suits you better?

Some feel unnatural believing their relationships belong to them already but do feel good knowing that everything will come together soon. Others feel great about knowing that everything has already been worked out on an invisible level and just has to manifest in reality. Others genuinely feel good knowing that a relationship might manifest or that it might not, whatever feels best – there is a great deal of individuals out there who don’t practice LoA consciously when it comes to relationships because they feel it ruins the element of surprise.  Continue reading “Specific Wording and Manifesting Relationships – Use YOUR Words to Create Positive Manifestations!”

Use Your Words to Create Positive Feelings!

Use Your Words to Create Positive Feelings!

Good evening everyone!

I thought long and hard about everything my comeback article should contain. Actually, I tried not to think long and hard, having felt it was leading to no solution, but still had to tell myself to stop thinking several times so I count it as “thinking long and hard.”

In conclusion, I want to talk about what exactly wording means when it comes to the Law of Attraction and one’s conviction of their desire manifesting. The words we use to boost our belief matter but not in the way you might think.

When it comes to LoA, the words used to express your desire manifesting only matter in the sense of choosing the phrasing that makes you feel like your desire is truly manifesting. Choose the words that make you feel good and truly make you feel like you’re on the right track.

Say “It’s happening right now!” if you prefer feeling that your desire is manifesting soon, any day now or at any time that is soon but not this very moment. Some prefer saying and knowing their desire is manifesting but not express that it’s here already if that feels unnatural. Some let go easily when they know their desire is coming soon. Continue reading “Use Your Words to Create Positive Feelings!”

Affirmation of the Day

Affirmation of the Day

I put a lot of thought into wording this affirmation optimally in order to make it work in every possible context. It is meant to be used in moments of struggle to keep your mood up; it can repair any and every form of taking a detour into negativity.

Best thing about this affirmation is that using it whenever you want regardless of your mood constantly keeps you in a positive mood. When used that way, this affirmation allows you to understand why negative thoughts are insignificant and why you may feel free to write them off as such.

No matter how I feel right now, thank You that I got what I wanted.

No matter how you feel at any given moment, what you want belongs to you. No matter how you feel at this very moment, you got it. Be happy now because your dreams are truly yours.

Fantasizing or Dreaming?

Fantasizing or Dreaming?

How and when are the concepts of visualizing and “feeling as if” applied correctly? The energy behind one’s thoughts is the essence of creation yet sometimes produces the opposite of one’s conscious desire.

Specific energy leading to creation is the essence of an individual projecting it – relaxed or tense, confident or fearful, positive or negative, containing each and every belief they have ever accepted.

Neville Goddard explained the difference between the dream of living a desire and letting it happen through the Law of Attraction as opposed to experiencing an energetic void behind the said desire only to be lost in futile daydreaming. I explain this as a distinction between fantasizing and a dreaming – two concepts implying completely distinct energies.

Fantasizing about one’s desire implies disbelief that the said desire can be obtained in one’s reality. Dubbing any desire a “fantasy” suggests its existence in a distant world which can only ever be in one’s mind, never in their life. When one fantasizes, their energy says “I wish I could have this but it’ll never happen,” holding any desire at an impossible distance with disbelief in one’s power to create.

To dream it and let it happen suggests one has absolute faith in their manifesting power as well as the reality of their desire. When any desire is dubbed a “dream,” positive emotion is put into the feeling of having it already as well as being immensely grateful for one’s perfect reality.

To dream it and let it happen proves one feels immense love for their desire and holds true belief in its manifestation. This reality truly is a dream come true, as one knows that it belongs to them already. Our desires may have been with us for a significant amount of time or they could be brand new yet strangely familiar, seemingly having thread through the course of a lifetime already. This is a sensation often found in a soul mate or a love relationship, in case one doesn’t include the other.

A fantasy suggests using imagination to gain a blurred, emotionless view of something they don’t truly see themselves living. Why bother?

A desire can be something one always knew they wanted – this notion alone is enough to experience love followed by an unstoppable flow of positive events.

A mere idea of one’s desire could have been present throughout their lifetime but the second it is materialized through a specific channel (i.e. finding the perfect person one has always imagined), this desire becomes both new and familiar, beautiful and impossible to imagine life without. This energy alone can (and should) cause an outburst of love and gratitude for already living any desire imaginable. This is no fantasy – these feelings are entirely real. Dreaming and letting it happen is a concept based on love and when that love is present, those desires become our dreams, already in the process of coming true.

Dreaming, then letting it happen means treating one’s desire like a dream come true right now. Take the feeling of having your desire already and move it into the present time. Love it!

Dreams exist to be manifested! Dreams want to come true just as much as we want them to – give them a chance to manifest using your belief! Give them life by giving yourself the feeling of having them in yours. Experience the feeling of having your dream life now and soon, the concept of “fantasizing” will fade away.