Thought of the Day 

If you express yourself calmly and eloquently, you will be able to believe that everyone can understand you simply because your thoughts are so clear and in order. And they will.

Thought of the Day 

Saying "Thank you that I am/I have/I own [insert specific desire]" instantly enables you to see what it's like to have it.

Getting Used to Happiness

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When you're happy, you naturally see yourself having what you want. Happiness is being your true self and being proud of or at least happy about it, no matter who it is you feel happy being. As long as the main reason for being and expressing your true self is love, you won't see any … Continue reading Getting Used to Happiness

Specific Wording and Manifesting Relationships – Use YOUR Words to Create Positive Manifestations!

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Let's talk about manifesting relationships because I have always found that the correct internal verbal expression of those relationships (which is different for every single individual) leads to positive thoughts and visualization which lead to belief. Do you prefer to tell yourself that your desired relationship belongs to you already or internally state that it … Continue reading Specific Wording and Manifesting Relationships – Use YOUR Words to Create Positive Manifestations!

Use Your Words to Create Positive Feelings!

Good evening everyone! I thought long and hard about everything my comeback article should contain. Actually, I tried not to think long and hard, having felt it was leading to no solution, but still had to tell myself to stop thinking several times so I count it as "thinking long and hard." In conclusion, I … Continue reading Use Your Words to Create Positive Feelings!

Affirmation of the Day

I put a lot of thought into wording this affirmation optimally in order to make it work in every possible context. It is meant to be used in moments of struggle to keep your mood up; it can repair any and every form of taking a detour into negativity. Best thing about this affirmation is that using it whenever you … Continue reading Affirmation of the Day

Fantasizing or Dreaming?

How and when are the concepts of visualizing and "feeling as if" applied correctly? The energy behind one's thoughts is the essence of creation yet sometimes produces the opposite of one's conscious desire. Specific energy leading to creation is the essence of an individual projecting it - relaxed or tense, confident or fearful, positive or negative, containing each and every … Continue reading Fantasizing or Dreaming?