As I have said before, the first opportunity won’t always be the one when manifesting a specific goal.

How to Tailor Your Manifestation to Yourself

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On a drive taking care of my morning errands an hour ago, I started thinking how much any kind of anger or frustration with another person just isn't worth it. Ever. We are to focus on our goals and not the people involved in them. Oftentimes, the people we think are involved in them are … Continue reading How to Tailor Your Manifestation to Yourself

Can We Choose Our Talents or Accept the Ones We Already Have?

Do you believe we choose our talents? Decide what we love to do and believe we are good at it, sticking to that belief through the ups and downs of learning until the day our proficiency is reached? Whether or not you believe it, LoA can provide it. Our talents are unique expressions of ourselves. … Continue reading Can We Choose Our Talents or Accept the Ones We Already Have?

Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

I love sharing personal examples in my coaching. I think that a good life coach should be an authentically positive person who is good at living life because someone like that will have stories, understand them in terms of the Law of Attraction and never suggest unrealistic visualization or other methods they can't even connect … Continue reading Life Coaching, Professional and Personal

Thought of the Day

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One of the best things about coaching is seeing my clients attract miracles. And I’ve seen many of those days. I never forget them and they never cease to fill my heart with happiness when I am reminded of them. I feel blessed. I’m grateful.

When Positivity Faces Annoyance

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When you transform the core of your personality to positive, to being a positive individual, your periods of succumbing to annoyance naturally last briefly. As a positive person, I can tell you that this is true. I might spend a day annoyed at someone about something but the next day, two days at most, I … Continue reading When Positivity Faces Annoyance

What Makes You, YOU – Who You Are or What You Have?

Thinking about the person you want to be instead of what is happening around you is going to allow you to enjoy your current reality instead of feeling that you are missing your desired one. If you are struggling to stay happy in your current reality, you must start focusing on yourself. The question is, … Continue reading What Makes You, YOU – Who You Are or What You Have?

How to Stop Being Afraid of Change

Have you ever experienced the feeling of living your desired reality stronger than you felt living in your current one? If you have, you know it can either be completely amazing or overwhelming as much as amazing because a new life brings profound change. Your attitude towards that change will determine your comfort level and … Continue reading How to Stop Being Afraid of Change