Coaching Course – Ten Days to Self-Confidence

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Whatever it is you want, you can have it. This coaching program will give you what you need to believe in yourself and the certainty of your desires.

Since self-confidence leads to indestructible manifestation magnetism and a lifestyle of complete trust in miracles, a trust that will always deliver results, I have created a coaching course that will change your life and make your manifestation more powerful than ever.

Ten Days to Self-Confidence is a personalized coaching program which will be consisted of videos and support tailored to you, just like my weekly and monthly coaching plans. This program will leave you relaxed, ready to take on the world. It will consist of videos with email/text support and feedback. You will personally receive the videos which will be yours to keep afterwards.

You might wonder how improving your self-confidence will improve your LoA skills. Improving your self-confidence will make you courageous enough to practice Law of Attraction, and knowing how to boost the feeling of love for your desire will make you believe it will easily be yours which will lead to manifestation.

To reach your ultimate goal of unbreakable confidence, happiness and self-belief, we will be taking the following steps.

  1. Feeling amazing in your own skin.
  2. Having the courage to entirely ignore the current reality – the more you do, the faster you will manifest.
  3. How and why we manifest all the time, even when unaware of it. We already use LoA so let’s learn to use it for our goals.
  4. Why you deserve to have your desires and live your dreams- when you know it, you manifest with indescribable ease.
  5. Boosting love for yourself.
  6. Manifesting from your own point of view – not your desire’s (a common misconception!).
  7. Boosting love for your desire.
  8. Ignoring your negative thoughts and seeing your desire as easy to manifest as a cup of coffee, a classic LoA example.
  9. Feeling amazing in your own skin, part II. The way you see yourself will change, and increasingly improve with module two.
  10. A lifestyle of manifesting your dreams without effort.

Self-confidence is the fastest way to attract what you want. It allows you to fully trust and never question yourself or the Universe. The more faith we have, the better we feel and the more smoothly we manifest!

Do this for yourself. It’ll be the best money you ever spent.

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