I Wanted to See a Friend and Manifested an Invite in Four Hours

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting and reading this post. I wanted to share this story with you, since I’ve been working on letting go to manifest as quickly as possible. The quicker we let go, the faster we attract what we want, and I’ve managed to manifest in four hours simply by using several great Law of Attraction tips.

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How to Manifest Your Desire Despite Any Current Situation

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Love yourself enough to ignore all negative thoughts, as this will be more beneficial to your manifestation than you can currently imagine.

If you need to work through them, do so, but do it with the intention of getting over them and you will. (For this, you can contact me about coaching services.)

When the current reality stops bothering you because you’ve decided that nothing can, you start to manifest the kind of miracles you could never imagine.

When you love yourself, everything else aligns, and your desires seamlessly manifest.

Learning the art of ignoring any thoughts that interfere with your desire and deciding that nothing can upset you unless you allow it is the most empowering mindset you can give yourself.

You Have to Focus on Yourself to Attract Your Person

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In our friendships, family relationships, work, school and financial success, you already know that we want to feel deserving in order for Law of Attraction to manifest our desires. We also want to be able to clearly see ourselves living our desires, just as we could once see ourselves having everything we do now. Unless we live in happiness and self-confidence daily, it’ll be difficult to feel deserving of our desires or clearly visualize living them.

You are probably happy with your career or other areas while your love life causes you confusion. Why isn’t it equally easy? Why can’t you see yourself happily living the relationship you want? You easily attract money, great friendships and generally feel confident about yourself so why isn’t love the same? Are we meant to struggle, and why?

Usually, we struggle because we focus on the other person instead of ourselves, and begin to dwell on what they might be thinking, whether they like us or whether we can manifest a relationship with them. These questions are the cause of struggle, and we want to turn them into belief and self-confidence.

Today, your struggle is over. Your mindset will be re-framed, and you will easily begin to attract a better love life. You may have been trying to figure out how to create a love life that keeps you happy every day and live in the relationship environment of your dreams; you may have also been wondering why this hasn’t happened yet. You may be feeling positive for most of the day, only for your focus on your goals to get lost in worrying about the current reality by the evening. Why is your life, partially or fully, filled with things you don’t want? It can be upsetting, and you deserve the support.

You can achieve the kind of positive thinking you’ll just sail along in, and manifest your relationship with it.

If (a part of) your life isn’t filled with dream-come-true circumstances just yet, you are not feeling loving enough towards yourself or confident enough in your desire. In terms of LoA, self-love means believing your desires are inevitable, and confidence in your desires means thinking about them or visualizing them with love, knowing that you want those specific desires and nothing else.

With that, you must contradict any negative thoughts with an affirmation of your belief – decide that these thoughts are meaningless, and your desired direction is exactly where life is going to go.

Especially in a relationship manifestation, you have to put your desire of the next chapter in the first place. Then, decide and believe that your specific person wants to be with you! Decide that they want you because you make them the happiest they’ve ever been because you love them the right way, and treat them the best they’ve ever been treated – if you want someone’s love, you have to be prepared to give them yours. Make them feel special and you will feel good about yourself in the process.

You have to focus on feeling good about yourself in order to believe in the possibility of your desire! We usually feel poorly about ourselves when we focus on everyone else and ignore putting our own lives and confidence first.


All these examples rest in thinking positive about yourself and the person you chose – this is your priority, if you want to manifest a relationship with them and are sure that this is your true goal. I remember a relationship that ended in my mid-twenties. Moving on was much more important to me than getting back together – I wanted to be happy every day, having decided that moving on would get me there much faster. I had pinpointed my priority, as we should do in any manifestation because the more specific we are, the faster we manifest. Had my priority been to get back together, I would have to put myself on the pedestal. I would have had to praise myself, affirm my qualities and feel deserving of a miracle the Universe had the power to manifest but not without my belief. We have to rely on the Universe in this case, and not the behavior of “my person” in the current reality.

If a relationship is your priority, you have to focus on directing your thinking towards it. You should visualize and get used to thinking about “my partner/spouse” daily! Let “my partner/spouse” be the first thought you have when your person’s name comes to mind and your desire will begin to change rapidly. It will be miraculous and you should embrace that miracle.

What kind of mindset will help you achieve this focus? The better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll feel about the relationship so it all comes down to you. Everything you manifest is about your mindset, even a relationship with another person.


We attract everything. Everything. When we fear that our specific person will choose someone else over us, this isn’t something that’s happening outside of our control – this is something we are manifesting. Our person can be interested in someone else but the moment you affirm that they are only interested in you, you begin to attract it instead. Then, you must stay positive every day, throughout any circumstances. Visualize what you want to see, and you will soon see results.

If you want to be with someone, don’t analyze their every word. This is how misunderstandings happen. I have certainly seen people giving up on their significant others just to regret it later, and usually due to a perceived offense that had nothing to do with one’s true intentions. We often take the said offense and decide that the person is wrong for us after the first time they say the wrong thing but what if projecting our insecurities onto their intentions is the real problem?

Half or most of all marriages today end in divorce so maybe we should rethink our approach to love, relationships and communication. For one, maybe we shouldn’t give up on people so easily. Maybe we shouldn’t assume their motivations to be negative. Maybe we should assume everyone is simply doing the best they can.

Maybe we should take equal responsibility in the dynamics of any relationship; if we do, we will be able to focus on ourselves. Dwelling on what happened in the past ends when we take the responsibility for our part of it and only after doing so can we know whether or not we truly want to be with someone.

What happens if you’re unsure that the person you want can make you happy? The core of this question lies in being unsure of what you want. Only when you feel good about yourself will you know what you truly want. If the thought of being with your person fills you with love, manifest a relationship with them. If the thought of being with a different (kind of) person does, manifest that instead. However, even this takes self-focus first. You can’t even discover what you want without focusing on yourself, looking within and deciding where you see your happiness.

There may be days when attracting your relationship is not easy! But is it still worth it? Only you know the answer.


Do You Wake Up Worried About Your Desire? Here’s How to Stop.

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Law of Attraction works best when we believe in the inevitability of our desire; once we convince ourselves to believe, miracles happen. The fear of allowing belief can prevent positive thinking, and it happens because believing in the unseen sometimes feels uneasy, depending on every individual’s unique belief system and the desire in question.

It’s the idea of this belief in the unseen which tends to cause anxiety and an urge to look for the desires one feels a strong emotional attachment to. And, this anxiety happens when you spend more time observing the current reality than engaging in your ideal!

The current anxiety, as I call it, happens when we don’t engage with our ideal reality enough.

This is exactly what prevents you from believing that you can have what you want but can’t see any proof of just yet.

So, what should you do about it? How should you encourage your own belief?


When you wake up, thank the Universe for having what you want, as if you have it already – it’s going to give you an energetic shift into the ideal reality and allow you to look forward to it.


You should start telling yourself that your dreams are possible. Maybe they’re not as hard to reach as you believe them to be now. Practicing this mindset will take a huge weight off your heavy-feeling awareness.


You need to reframe your approach to negative thoughts and take away their meaning, the power they have over you, and the power that you tend to give them. Any thought that makes you feel bad about yourself should be laughed at and dismissed as untrue, including fears, doubts and any other emotional interferences – the more we give them any kind of meaning, the worse we feel. This is a technique I designed a long time ago and it has produced great success every time!


Never. Because often, we can’t see our desires manifesting yet they are. When the current reality doesn’t look like your dreams are coming true, you never want to fall into the trap of doubting because even if it doesn’t look like it, your manifestation might be just around the corner. You simply have to say goodbye to the habit of judging the current reality – if you do, it will always set you back.

Do this and you will see a difference immediately. These techniques will be at one with your awareness immediately.

Ask Me a Question!

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I’m staying focused on my goal as you said. What should I do in the current reality? Thank you from Della

Dear Della,

Enjoy it.

When joy becomes a priority of your mind and spirit, you seek out and attract even more of it. This is how you want to live your life – when we love ourselves, everything else just falls into place. We attract people and opportunities when our hearts are filled with self-love and value, which makes it easy to decide, affirm and believe that our desires are manifesting.

Love yourself, and affirm your qualities every day. Also affirm the qualities you want to see in yourself, as if you possessed them already. Then, affirm your desires as if you had them already. Be grateful for them. The more positivity you feel, the faster you attract your desires.

All of this will create your manifestation.

I Decided to Manifest a Lifestyle Upgrade, and It Can Only Improve My Self-Confidence and Law of Attraction Coaching

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Tastes and preferences change throughout life; even if not most, inevitably a few. Think about foods and drinks you used to delight in but have no taste for now, the fashion you used to choose but now blush looking back on. There were places and activities you wanted to try but later realized you wouldn’t repeat the experience. We simply begin to enjoy different things over time; our needs change, we reevaluate and possibly face the fact that we deserve much more, grateful as we are for everything already experienced.

I have been an open, spontaneous, bohemian chic practitioner of life for many years. I wanted to experience a variety of places, individuals and lifestyles, all with the purpose of joy, new experiences and getting to know people inside out (something that inevitably benefited my work and research of manifestation!). I wanted to go everywhere and live each day differently from the previous – craving new experiences made me feel alive. I wanted to learn about and understand everyone and everything. And, I learned a lot. Suffering thaasophobia in the past, irrational as this fear of boredom can be, I suddenly wanted a life of novelty – and I wanted it all the time.

In other words, I was open to anything. From staying in a friend’s family mansion in Brazil with a group of college buddies, followed by moving into the largest suite of a five-star island resort, intertwined with paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing, to crashing in a stateside beach motel. From flying business class across continents to low-budget airlines with uncomfortable seats that even charged for water. From living in a studio apartment in Zagreb, Croatia, to a beautiful condo in the hills, with a private building entrance, overlooking the city. From living by myself in a gorgeous, sizeable apartment in Brussels, Belgium, to three equally gorgeous ones with roommates, and another with my parents back in high school. From completing an internship in a marketing company located in one of the wealthiest parts of the city, to working in a downtown pub. From staying in five-star hotels in multiple countries, private villas, sailing the coast of Croatia and island-hopping, to staying in budget-friendly travel hotels, one of which didn’t even have air conditioning. Enjoying cars with drivers, as well as buses and boats. From camping on the beach and music festivals through dining at NYC hot spots to street kiosks serving fries; from enjoying trendy fusions to hidden gem restaurants and authentic, homemade Chinese, Thai, Lebanese, Nepalese and Indian food in between. And I wanted to try it all. My goal was to not limit myself, getting to know the art of life and the world inside out. This was my lifestyle. I had been using these experiences to grow as a person, writer and life coach for the past fifteen years, hungry for the world and life. A lifestyle of variety was as unique of an experience as I’d hoped, and my adaptability made me feel attractive. It was a lifestyle of experiencing different lifestyles, from mine and other people’s points of view. This lifestyle gave me the ability to understand the world, having seen and experienced so much, and communicate our collective ability to manifest individually desired realities.

Now, I’ve decided to live (meaning, manifest) a luxury lifestyle full-time. Something I’d already been living in multiple ways to uphold my personal standards, this is a lifestyle I’ve embraced more than ever. The inevitability of such a manifestation feels very exciting to me already. I deserve it because I want it. The new me is focused on creating, expanding and building, instead of living mainly for the experiences like in the past years. Conversely, this lifestyle adjustment entails the strongest focus I’ve ever had on manifesting money; I always cared about it but never like this. I want to enjoy my preferred lifestyle with the people I want to spend my time with, some of whom served as a direct inspiration in the expansion of my focus on manifesting wealth.

My work of positive thinking, self-confidence and Law of Attraction teaching and coaching is a luxury service, yet a luxury we can’t live without. We can’t afford to live a life of not manifesting our desires, as one of my clients once said, of settling for less, living without self-confidence or struggling in any way which makes intentional manifestation a necessity.


I will keep the aspects of my current lifestyle that fit into my new one. I will turn my vegan blog into a sustainable luxury lifestyle guide, built on lasting and timeless qualities. I still want excitement but instead of unpredictable ones which I couldn’t tell where they might take me, I now want glamorous surprises. This category of surprises could translate into manifesting gifts and receiving the perks I would have otherwise paid for, and I have manifested such gifts and perks in the past (can you tell which ones they are in paragraph three?). Can you relate to manifesting such things? We deserve them!

Even thus far, I’ve created a beautiful, refined lifestyle that set a good example of standard and quality. Appreciating my living space by keeping it clean, praising it, enjoying it, choosing the items I loved to decorate it with and relishing in making in beautiful in any way always led to manifesting an increased quality of living arrangements and the appreciation would begin again. If I appreciate myself, I will attract other things I appreciate as well. This is Law of Attraction – what we cherish, love and value, we continue to attract. Is there a relationship you are looking to attract? Praise the person you want to be with for every single reason you love them! Want to attract money? Praise money and love it, appreciating everything it gives you.

For as long as I could remember, I have valued keeping my standards high – this has always been important to me. I cared about manifesting beautiful apartments, incredible experiences, appropriate salary and friends I deemed to have exceptional personalities. Keeping our standards high goes with attracting everything we value. Why? Because we can only truly want something we deem valuable, and we can only believe in having something we feel is on our own level of value. However, if you settle for less or agree to anything you don’t want, your level of self-value will drop in your own awareness. Suddenly, you will see yourself as someone who can only get what they don’t want, because you keep agreeing to less. Don’t do that! This is another reason why you must live in confidence – to know you deserve everything you want and allow yourself to manifest it. Another important factor of keeping your personal standards high is manifesting happiness. It’s hard to attract something you don’t believe will make you sublimely happy, and if the thought of living what you want doesn’t fill your heart with love, it will be hard to consider it to be deserving of you!

For as long as I could remember, I valued keeping my standards high…until somehow, in the past year, I had suddenly started to focus too much on the basics of life instead of manifesting it the way I feel comfortable. Maybe it was the circumstances surrounding Coronavirus, in which luxury came with a price of mask wearing, testing and quarantine while I was focused on social distancing for the first six months. Whatever it was, keep reading – I will explain everything soon.


I’m required to state my intention in order to manifest, especially as a Law of Attraction coach. I have friends whom I enjoy sharing this lifestyle with because I love them, and the friends who have created the same lifestyle so we share it. I want a luxury lifestyle to come as a result of my talents so I’ve added the goal of professional expansion to this manifestation whereas in the past I used work to live a life of variety. I would travel to and work from various locations, sharing those experiences with my readers and clients; now, I will still be traveling in addition to reaching an increased number of individuals who are looking for guidance on positive thinking, self-confidence, manifestation and the creation of a custom made, abundant lifestyle. I will also reach those who will be happy to have found inspiration, and those who didn’t even know they needed it. I don’t only want to manifest double the original fees or book sales I had intended thus far – now, I want money pouring in because I’ve become even better at what I do. This goal is inspiring me already! I love the thought of spending and sharing money, receiving even more of it in return because this is how energy moves. Give love, receive love; give money, manifest money.

Let me give you an example of a client who has recently attracted money through professional expansion. This individual manifested their desired lifestyle of professional and material abundance, attracted specific work and even out-earned their spouse in the process. They did so by disconnecting from any kind of worry about their manifestation, refusing to engage in it and trusting that opportunities would come while choosing to simply accept the current reality until then. Money and work began rolling in, to my client’s great appreciation, followed by offers with an increase in fees. My client’s confidence in their abilities, everyday joy and professional perks grew. What we appreciate, we attract, because appreciation is a form of positivity and even love.


This is where I explain everything so thank you for continuing to read.

I thought long and hard as to why I wanted to manifest this lifestyle adjustment, since the desire started brewing in my mind over the past several weeks. And the answer is that, for the past year, I had begun to care about the basics and the essence of my experiences more than anything else. Only caring about what I feel is most important while deciding that aspects such as comfort matter less doesn’t feel like self-respect anymore; this isn’t who I am in my core, either.

A change of my awareness happened when I realized that I haven’t been giving myself all the quality I could, while I know we should never settle or accept less than what we want. Keeping my own standards not just high but as high as possible, as previously mentioned, somehow loosened its grip.

I recently attended a family wedding on my husband’s side and left all the travel arrangements completely up to him. I had told myself that bride and groom’s satisfaction was more important than anything else; in my mind, the weekend was about them. They had reminded all their guests that this was our vacation, too, yet I’d chosen to (only) make it my husband’s. I’d also told myself the trip shouldn’t be about me at all, and with that, made two mistakes. I disliked our arrangements after passing up the opportunity to make them more to my taste, and I had wrongly decided that every second of the trip should only be dedicated to the collective good, specifically my husband and his friends. I didn’t plan even one outing alone with my husband while other attendees engaged in both family and private time. Why hadn’t I done the same? Why did I decide my husband’s comfort and choice of accommodation was the reasonable choice, because it included his friends we hadn’t seen since last year? None of them forced any arrangements on me but I fully allowed them to plan it without me. Some family members only showed up for the wedding, retiring to their resorts and vacation homes for the rest of the weekend. They had combined this wedding weekend into their own vacation – another thing I didn’t do.

What would this trip have looked like if I had taken part in the planning? For one, we would have stayed in a hotel north of the ceremony location instead of southeast. (We stayed in a house far away from 80% of all other wedding attendees while cabs, Uber and Lyft were incredibly difficult to find). I would have made arrangements including the extended family member I spent most of my time with, three others we had fun with, and I would have been able to sight see. Why didn’t I just manifest this? Because I had said “whatever works!” for those few days, only to later admit to myself that I did care about every detail I’d been neglecting. My desires matter in every situation, even on a trip that isn’t for my personal occasion; I would say that ignoring this notion was a mistake but because of the way it all played out, I came to a reckoning that I am simply not an unconditionally flexible woman who is open to absolutely anything.

Seeing my dissatisfaction and agreeing that the location of our house was not ideal, my husband reminded me I had chosen to not get involved in the trip planning. He was right. He had invited me to help with the planning and make sure everything suited me which I declined. It was symbolic of the way I’d been living my life, just wanting to be surprised and dive into any experience. My biggest eye-opener was that I’d been so focused on just gaining new experiences in life, I began to seamlessly forego my standards in various areas. I wanted to be tolerant, open, agreeable and I wanted absolutely nothing to bother me. However, I feel equally good about myself when I admit that I am picky and don’t want to stay in uncomfortable arrangements just to save money or risk offending anyone anymore. I can manifest all the money, experiences and comfort I desire, and truthfully, so can you.

Some will feel that where we stay or how we travel to a brief event doesn’t matter as much as the event itself. I say, if you decide that what you needs matter less than everything else, you are opening yourself up to the perception that you should be okay with absolutely anything which will cause some people to disrespect your boundaries. Not making concessions in terms of your own comfort and happiness sets a much better example for the self-perception of high value and personal standards.

Ultimately, I am stepping into this lifestyle change for many reasons. Whenever I used to imagine how life would mirror my self-love, it was all about building confidence, reaching my goals of fulfilling work in my own niche of expertise, having loving experiences with the people I adore and thinking well of those I cherished and wanted to be a part of my life. However, my clients and readers had also used my coaching methods to manifest jobs, money, starting a business, pay increase, first class travel upgrades, cars and free trips, in addition to that confidence, a positive mindset, physical beauty, face and body changes (yes, they really did!) and relationships with specific people. Money is energy and yet another way we invoke and express self-love.

When we create a lifestyle we love, it is so much easier to imagine sharing it with a specific person because it gives us the most powerful awareness of our self-confidence.

Choose the lifestyle you want to enjoy every day. Do so without any guilt. Setting the intention of any desired manifestation will allow us to visualize having it, stay focused on it, not settle for anything less and ultimately, attract it. Manifestation is about creating a life that makes us happy and from now on, I am living a luxury lifestyle to enjoy my own value in every area of life.


The chic part of my bohemian chic lifestyle was enjoying the beauty and the quality of everyone and everything, especially after discovering what made them unique (I still pride myself on being able to spot the greatest qualities of anyone and anything). I never knew where a hidden gem could be found, and my curiosity for the most special parts of any experience invigorated every part of my life. I wanted every person to know their beauty and qualities, and I wanted to become better and better at helping them connect with those things – I can’t wait to amp up those teachings as I manifest a luxury lifestyle because it will give me an additional boost and insight into energy, self-confidence and self-love to share with my clients. It’s going to make me even better at imparting self-confidence and personal value, as I plan on living this lifestyle to shower myself with increased appreciation.

This is just the first step – I will be updating you on this manifestation every step of the way, in addition to discussing all important manifestations and LoA methods, as usual. My lifestyle is changing slightly but my work of empowering amazing people is here to stay.

Why the Uninhibited are Attractive, Confident and Why They Manifest

If you look at it closely, if you analyze society for less than five minutes, you’ll see that individuals who have no inhibitions about being their true selves tend to be treated like exotic creatures. They draw attention; they own the room. Inexplicable, novel and magnetic, such individuals collect praise based on what should be a normal state of existence for every person.

What does that say about the level of inhibition in society?

It says that very few dare to be themselves. Very few.

So, why not everyone? Especially because…


Those who dare to be themselves are attractive. There are many reasons for this so let’s discuss some of the most interesting ones.

Individuals who don’t drown in inhibition are attractive because their level of self-comfort makes them mysterious. Few dare to be entirely comfortable with their true self, especially their honest nature. Anyone that is instantly becomes enigmatic beyond belief.

Even the uninhibited whom you don’t find traditionally attractive turn out to be those you can’t stop looking at. You find yourself trying to figure out who they really are. Why do they feel so free? What happens inside their brains to make them so comfortable living without regard for inhibition? Where many people would worry about appearances, they create appeal. They never seem to overthink – just be – and they attract more mystery while being themselves entirely. What a paradox. Yet this is the paradox I’ve always tried to explain.

Honesty is so rare that it makes the honest ones mysterious.

Imagine yourself comfortable enough to love every part of your personality. To know that being your true self makes you attractive. All of your likes and preferences, even your guilty pleasures. Why? Because you love them for positive reasons. They make you happy; they make you feel free. When you engage in them, you enjoy life.

How would you react, encountered with such a person? Someone who happily expresses to you that they adore an activity or a type of music which usually invites mockery? This person clearly loves themselves. The subject in question would instantly seem wonderful, and you would immediately start wondering how to capture the same happiness. The person and the activity would immediately seem attractive.

Imagine yourself on that same level of self-love. And then, imagine your specific person encountering you in such a state. You would never doubt their attraction for you. You wouldn’t deem yourself inadequate for them, in any way.

When you love yourself, Law of Attraction seemingly works on its own.

These people manifest because they love themselves!

Choosing to not be yourself happens because there is inhibition. Alternatively, seemingly being who you are but continuously thinking that something will always go wrong or perceiving other people as more interesting than yourself also indicates a lack of self-confidence which leads to forming inhibitions. Those who dare to be themselves think about why things could go right, and make life choices reflective of their true desires. They feel good about where they’re going and what they want. In addition to manifesting because they believe in themselves, consciously or subconsciously, they are attractive to others because they evidently have self-confidence.

If everyone dared to be themselves, the honest ones would not be seen as exotic creatures. Just imagine.


I recently saw a TV segment featuring an evidently inhibited individual. This person was obviously genuine but also an overt over-thinker, highly sensitive and an excessive planner. It was difficult for them to take a joke. And when speaking about their relationship troubles, I could see the reasons why their partner ran hot and cold. An intrinsically good person attracts such events because their behavior stems from fear instead of self-love. And fear is a vehicle fuelled by inhibition.

To be extra sure (not that first impressions are incorrect when I focus on one’s true energy and essence), I scanned YouTube for multiple segments featuring this individual. They all gave a homogeneous impression.

No matter how truly nice, this person was unfortunately unattractive. Why was that? They were warm, good looking and lovely, their personality not off-putting in a single way. But their level of discomfort made them unattractive, making obvious the fact they were highly self-conscious. This is a sign that a person holds self-doubt, and those who doubt themselves cannot be happy with who they are.

Furthermore, I looked up several articles written by this person, autobiographical in their nature. They described themselves with the exact impression they were giving out, begrudging themselves for their sensitivity and not being more like their polar opposite friends. Even when those polar opposites were much less attractive physically (photos were featured). At the same time, they felt anxious when faced with their friends’ spontaneity and general differences.

What would have made them attractive? Feeling comfortable with who they are, as they are; it would ensure their comfort around a variety of people. Doing the same things they have been but for different reasons – there’s a big difference between a person who over-prepares because they love to turn anything into an exciting event, and another who does because they’re afraid of the outcome. Doing things out of love instead of fear. Having self-love! If I asked this person whether or not they loved themselves, the answer would probably be “Not as much as I could” or “I don’t know, what does that even mean?”

Why is inhibition even there and what’s behind it? The goal should be to relax and unshackle one’s love for life. Everyone wants to enjoy life; those who intentionally do carry much higher appeal.

Looks cannot beat out energy when it comes to attractiveness.

This was not a person who carried positive energy, the most attractive energy you could harness. They had a positive personality with positive qualities but were unfortunately leading with self-doubt. This person also depended on their relationship for happiness and emotional stability, and clung to their partner who started wavering because their chemistry had subsequently been lost. This person wasn’t complete on their own, which is a hallmark of a great partner. When someone doesn’t build their emotional happiness but seeks it in another, it is because they don’t find themselves to be compelling enough. They are afraid to be complete on their own, though it’s the exact energy that makes us attractive to others.

And a person who struggles in the absence of a relationship is unattractive. No prospective partner wants to believe that your happiness doesn’t exist without them. You want to create fulfillment in your own life, in which you must have more than just your love relationship anyway. You have to feel fulfilled in your own life first, engaging in all of your interests or at least the most important ones; remember, if someone who was interested in nothing in life besides you pursued you, you would feel no chemistry.

You will create happiness by immersing yourself in anything that makes you feel love for life, which leads to manifesting happiness. You will create it by speaking positive words and deciding to believe in miracles, quietly or out loud. Create your own happiness first, so you can share it with your person.

And your inhibitions will melt away as a result. Do something you’re afraid to do and fear will begin to disperse.

Also, love yourself enough that you respect yourself too much to depend on anyone else for your happiness.

Those who create a life they like never end up alone. They live in love, they aren’t afraid to give it and they always find people they want to give it to.

Being complete on your own does not mean you’ll end up alone; it means you will attract the relationship you want because you won’t feel incomplete without it. This relationship won’t feel like such an impossible goal anymore and while it did, it also seemed impossible to manifest. Therefore, it was impossible at the time, because we can only attract what we believe is possible for us. In this case, you must upgrade your belief, and you will believe in the possibility of your relationship once you become willing to be happy without it until it manifests.

When you’re manifesting a cup of coffee, you’re okay without it in the initial moment of request. Why? Because you know it’ll show up. You believe that it will, without inhibition. A relationship can show up just as quickly, if you’re willing to be happy without it until it does. Because it will show up, so why wouldn’t you be happy in the meantime? Unless you’re inhibiting your own belief.

The uninhibited don’t need to see to believe. They don’t need explanations for everything. They can trust in their desired outcomes because their confidence allows them to think positive. They feel good enough to deserve their goals.

You will be happy once your inhibitions are abandoned. Choose to let them go instead of seeing them as scary. We can change the way we see ourselves and life. Take baby steps if you must but know that you’re bigger than your fear. Believing without seeing requires a lack of inhibition and it’s a necessary part of manifestation.

While you’re feeling unattractive or unhappy without your manifestation, you can’t possibly love yourself. You have to be happy until it arrives, believing until it does without inhibition. You are capable of believing that it’s yours even before it arrives; most importantly, you must believe it if you want to see it.

Client Testimonial

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Good morning everyone! I have received the most wonderful client review and want to share it with you. I am genuinely grateful this morning and hope you enjoy your day today!

Here it is!

When I met Nina, I feel like my life changed!  Even though I was successful in most areas of my life, I was holding on to negative feelings, insecurities, and doubts and I didn’t even realize how much they were affecting me and what I was allowing into my life.  Nina not only showed me how these negative patterns of thinking held me back, but taught me how having confidence in myself and my ability to be happy in life, could change my life!  And she did this in a way a best friend would — always with your best interest in mind, never judgy, and most importantly, with utmost compassion as it took several times of “falling off the horse.”  But eventually I learned that it’s not just a way of thinking, it’s a way of life.  And once the amazing things started coming into my life, it just reinforced her lessons!

So much has happened in my life since meeting Nina.  I originally came to her for relationship advice and not only am I in the most amazing relationship I’ve ever had, but I’m more successful in other areas too!  I’ve started my own business that’s unbelievably successful, but most importantly, I’m just truly happy!  And learning that we have control over our lives…what’s more empowering and motivating than that?

If anyone were to ever consider working with Nina, I just couldn’t recommend it enough!  Why wouldn’t you want your life to change for the better, in ways you never imagined?

KW, Coaching Client